A KBench member killed himself


KBench is the largest computer site in South Korea. A KBench member has just killed himself. His family and friend(s) were called into the hospital but he was already dying fast.

Many people die from hunger, disease, suicide, etc. but not that many die at 29 by suicide right after web discussions on whether consumers or companies are responsible for misspelled price. Some members repeatedly criticized, ridiculed, and attacked him. He finally posted sayinig he might kill himself about two days ago.

He even posted a picture of himself.


There are about 10,000 posts of mine at KBench.

RIP :sad:

Very sad. :sad:

29 … far to young.


Babel Fish’s translation made no sense of what the hell they’re talking about…

Anyway, that was super weak. He shouldn’t have taken it so seriously. So what if people slam you? It’s the god damn net, everybody does that.

Such things didn’t exist before Internet, not to this degree.

People like myself can become more resistant to such things but there are too many unprepared for some things.

Also, the South Korean web environment is like nothing in the other parts of the world. Technically much more advanced in terms of average concentration of bandwidth and availability, but extremely savage. At CDFreaks, for instance, I can even see there are some female members though the percentage is very low. There are even those under 20 and even under 15 here. There are people over 40 and over 50 and even over 60 and 70. Such diversity is possible because it is more like the real, non-online world. Being multi-national or inter-national or super-national or global also makes the environment more friendly and compassionate. The first thing we can to do aliens and alien culture is one of the two: try to understand it resist it blindly. Such a learning climate helps people to listen and think more before bashing and spamming blindly on a gigantic scale.

South Koreans on the web is a mob, when discussions are desired. That even helped Mr. Roh, Muhyun to become the president and make some pro-North people get more power. Westerners and Japanese, by comparison, are like thoughtful dolls, if you know what I mean.

What would do if you knew I am saying on this very thread that I am going to commit suicide if somebody doesn’t listen and try to understand what I feel? They continued to attack. KBench.com didn’t want to be responsible because the boss knew he criticized KBench’s way of business often. KBench.com was once worth somewhere about 10,000,000,000 Won, or nearly US$10,000,000. Maybe it was 20 billion, I’m not sure.

Such things didn’t exist before Internet, not to this degree.

Don’t blame Internet.

If you can’t take insults on the web, then it is a sure thing that you won’t take insults in the real world.

Meaning that sooner or later this man would had commited suicide. Don’t know how your society works, but killing your self proves (in most of the cases) that you’re mentally ill.

I’m very sorry though…

I agree. If you are seeking approval from peers on the internet, especially faceless peers, then chances are you are at the end of the rope anyway.

It’s unlucky that society is moving this way (less human contact) :frowning:
If he had posted it on a bulletin board in his local office/fridge/building bulletin board then maybe someone would be around to help him.

Are you saying I blamed Internet when at the same time I am saying 10Gbps for everyone for free with limitless traffic usage?

What I said was just about some degree of respect towards other individuals. It’s so easy to say someone’s mentally ill after the person is dead but that’s not a proof of knowledge about the dead person but just a proof of disrespect.

Who said he was mentally ill? And what are you to say those who commit suicide are mostly mentally ill? Medical technology including psychotherapy is to cure, to help, to soothe, not to present a death sentence or isolate the wounded people from the rest of the society.

To say publicly that they are mentally ill doesn’t help them but make it only far worse.

However, the point is that he reached out onto the internet for some sign of comfort, rather than reaching to someone close to him, which would likely make a difference.

If he was thinking clearly, I doubt there was any reason to kill himself, with the exception of if he was wanted dead by the korean mafia/military or some terrorist organisation, in which case, it’d be a mercy to commit suicide :wink: