A interesting debate, assumed consent?

i was wondering something for some time know and i think it will be nice to hear what others have to say on the subject. right now we are in a age of copyright issues brought on by un=imaginable technological advancements that only but a few could of imagined possible 20 years, even ten years ago. this technology comes in the form of computers, burners, internet accesss, and p2p networks.

but let me get to the point.

sony- sony sells dvd burners, cd burners, blank dvds, blank cds, sells sony vio laptops and desktop computers that specifically say"burn music and movies" sony also sells music and movies on the very formats they advertise there products as being “burnable” and sell dvd burners compadable with burnt dvd media as well as cd players that can play burnt media.

when purchasing these sony products that say “burn dvd movies” or “music cds” and sony manufactures movies on dvd and audio cd, does this mean that if you buy all sony products, there advertisment of “burn moves or music” applies to sony products?

also, when purchasing products by microsoft, software products, it specifically says “do not make illegal copies of this disk” which means the copying of MS software is illegal, duh, but since its pointed out specifically on the media not to do it you do not have consent from MS to burn there products and it should never be done. dont do it ever.

sony, however, does not put this warning or lable on most of there products thus you dont know if it is legal to copy the disk or not, and becouse of this does that mean it is ok to burn sony dvds or cds if you use only sony manufactured products to copy and play them on?

if sony is so concerned about the coopying of movies and music, why do the continue to sell the very media, burners, computers and other hardware designed specfrically for no other reason?

also, if sony does not want there movies copied, why do they make there dvd players compadable with the vd-r, +r, and dl burnt media?

sony electronics and sony entertainment are two very autonomous business entities under the same umbrella that have been and are currently tackling this. it all boils down to which one makes the biggest financial contribution to the bottom line and finding a happy medium between the two. trust me, they have experts who are being paid lots and lots of money to evaluate and analyze their business strategies. do you not think they’re completely aware of this already?

Its perfectly fine for us to burn backup copies for our own personal use. Thats what they probably mean by “burn DVD moies” and “music cds” for our own use.

Home made movies with camcorders maybe?

hmm. it’s legal in the USA to burn backup copies of unencrypted DVDs (some exist, but not many). circumventing CSS is illegal, and any programs that perform this decryption are illegal too.

in Australia there’s no fair use doctrine (MPAA vs sony betamax never happened here), so it is illegal to even make backups of copyrighted material unless you have permission to.

now, after buying a CDS200 “protected” CD, and discovering it wont play properly in my old yamaha, i rang EMI australia and asked what i could do about it. they told me to make a copy, so it looks like i at least have implied permission from the copyright holders of this CD to make a copy for personal use (the guy i spoke to was more than a little ignorant, so it probably wouldn’t stand up in court).

i suppose if you had written permission from movie studios to copy their DVDs for personal use you’d be fine… now see how easy it is to get that :slight_smile: