A-i-w 9800 Pro Video Capture Problem. Hlp Pls

Just recently bought an ATI All-in-Wonder 9800pro card and have yet to get it to capture :a . (btw I’m presently running winXP SP2).I have the card installed and I have my ati inputbox (that purple box) hooked up to the card and a single RCA,video cable going into the video-in slot of the box (the other end goes to my VHS ).

I’ve been trying to use the included ATI player (MMC) to capture video but to no avail, tried Pinnacle Studio 8 and nothing…

When I play the tape I get nothing on the PC screen,

[li]Tried rebooting - nothing[/li][li]Tried checking the wires (of course) and they look ok.[/li][li]Double check in software (MMC by ATI) that the input was “composite” the other options are tv, and S-Video, nothing[/li][/ul]Any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED :bow: . I basically bought this card to back up my VHS collection so pretty frustrated here :frowning: :frowning: .

Looked for the ati guides and they´re horrible for this troublshooting

Thanks for any and all help :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

It sounds like you may have already tried this but it seems to me that I had a similar problem with a diffrent card. Just something to try. It may need an active video signal to recognise that something is conected. Make sure everything is conected and you are set to the right input (try the other input setting too, even if that is not what it is conected too). Play a tape so that there is an active video signal being sent to the computer from the vcr, then try rebooting.
Just something to try.

Ok, I´ll try that as soon as I get home. Let you know then . . .

Any other suggestion welcomed :bow:

Thank you guys, problem solved, Checking the Device Manager saw that the Ati Rage Audio wasn’t working. I disabled it and installed latest WDM, weird cause that’s what I had, go figure, tried it again and voila . . .

Thx everyone for your valuable help . . :iagree: