A home made NUKE in 10 steps

you really didn’t think would you?

Not from someone with a cute doggie as avatar :smiley:

This gives me an idea. How about I start a thread w/ the title “I just screwed your mom doggy style in the bum, ‘fill in the blank’.” Then in the post I’d put, I screwed your mom rotten w/o any lube.

Yes, I did. :a

LOL. :bigsmile:

what happened with the one who wanted to make a tomahawk missle at home? i remember reading he was getting the parts, and never heard anything about him… any idea? was it successful? or did he vanish from the surface of earth?

It’s so tough to get Uranium and/or Plutonium , otherwise it’d be easy.

Uranium is easy to get hold of as it’s pretty abundant I believe.

The enriched weapons grade stuff is a bit harder though. Best place to try is at a car boot sale in the Russian Federation :wink:

Where’s Wannez when you need him?