A hello and thanks

Hello everyone.

After my liteone cdrw 52327S “died” on me after about a year of flawless operation I thought it would be best to just take the dvdrw plunge. Thankfully I came across this great site last night in search of answers. After reading for a few hours my mind was made up and I purchased a DW1620 white box from mwave (since newegg doesn’t carry it, bah!) this morning.

You guys pretty much had me sold on it till I ran across all these people saying the drive isn’t a “general” purpose drive and should only be used by people doing dvd backups (due to bitset). It also “can’t” write worth a crap to –r media. Though some more searching found conflicting data (insaneoctane’s thread).

Let me just say that this is pretty confusing to newcomers, even though I sorted everything out without having to post, a sticky or something would be helpful. I realize this seems to be a transition period since insane’s thread was only started 1 week ago so it will take some time for non BenQ users to get the misinformation worked out of their system. I saw a suggestion where you guys should do a shootout with –r media. I think that would be a great way to show that BenQ’s aren’t as bad as everyone thought (or are even superior if that is the case) or of course that the drives really aren’t so hot.

It is hard for someone to make a decision when people giving the information are misinformed/spread rumors or simply give tainted answers due to brand loyalty. Some hard facts/results would help the situation a lot more.

Well with that out of the way I have to say thank you once more. In a couple hours I have learned a lot about dvdrw drives. Even now I am learning how to interpret all those crazy png files you guys post.

In about 1 week I will have my new drive thanks to you guys.


First I want to thank you for your comments. We’re always open to comments and we’re pleased to hear from users what they think, especially from your group (newbies) and in this way (you explain your point very well). To make sure this thread is read by my fellow crewmembers I’m moving it to the Forum talk forum (as you can see, I left a redirect in the newbie forum).

One more thing: I’m glad our forum helped you out. And I’m glad you’re helping us as well. Keep it up I’d say :wink: