A Hard Drive external case I can recommend

Hey guys, I have found an external hard drive case that seems pretty good. They have very good ventilation, the side panels are metal and the overall quality is top notch. They have an external power supply that has cords that are long enough and the cables are good. The SATA one is really interesting in that it has a direct plug in for the data and power so there are no cables that will kink, like some cases I have seen.

The brand is Metal Gear II from Galaxy and shop4tech as well as others carry them.


I have never used an external drive yet, but anybody have a problem witrh these cases having the drives vertical instead of horizontal. The small footprint is nice but does gravity come into play on the heads ?

No problem. I have been running drives both ways since the old RLL drives with no difference either way. Gravity is dealt with either way.

Nice Price, Nice Case, just that we are shifting into eSATA era, well, we will eventually see eSATA in a few months. And I am also hoping to see firewire 800 and USB 3.0 near future. All my spare drives are SATA

Yup, gravity does work both ways :slight_smile: I was still thinking old school with the horizontal installation only

hmmm…I think I need to satalize all my drives in the near future…
firewire 800 is very fast and steady…but it can’t beat eSATA when comes to price…all the fw800 accessories just cost so much more than the sata route (external case, pci card, cardbus card…etc)

Thanks chas0039 I was in need of one.

I picked up an IEEE 1394B (800 mb/s) card for just $20 a little while ago. One of these days I’ll see a good deal on an external “B” encosure and load it up with a really big drive. Only thing I don’t like about firewire is most PC’s a year or more old don’t have a firewire interface built in. {sigh} So USB is really still more practical if portability is your primary goal.


Just make sure you get an external enclosure that has both firewire and usb. I’ve seen a couple enclosures that had firewire 800 and usb connections.

I’m holding out for a decent esata enclosure that also has usb.

The Vantec version looks promising:http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16817145167

Thank you Chas0039.