A Hacker Crackdown?

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Could it really be that programmers will be held responsible for what users do with their hard work? Would Smith & Wesson be held responsible for every kill…

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Congratz Nila, you beated me

I have said it before, and I will say it again: Piracy is part of the job! You can’t fight it since it’s so huge! I agree with ya Nila

Why dont they sue every company that makes a cassette recorder capable of recording from a coppyrighted cassette or cd? why dont they sur all the radio stations while they are at it? you can record songs off the radio and play them on your home or car stereo. the only difference is in the quality of the recording of an mp3 vs cassette. but its essentially the same damn thing. am i right or what?

this is ridiculous… have you people ever read a little line in the Bible that says “Thou shalt not steal”? by breaking these laws, you are not only insulting the God many of you worship but perhaps also ensuring an unstable economy, one in which music producers and creators will have to think twice before producing any music that can be distributed over an electronic medium… perhaps I’m a little pessimistic, but then again, Hell is a scary place, ain’t it?

Two things,
firstly I beat Vinny - I don’t really care but I just thought I’d say it to rub it in. Secondly if people who make software are responsible then MS are in big trouble because I use my Copy of Win2k as my platform to get all my illegal stuff and so by making such a user friendly OS microsoft have encouraged everyone to get into computers and therefore into the “Dark and Evil” side of them as well. As for the makers of CuteFTP they’re in real trouble because the amount of warez their program lets me get is ridiculas. I guess they’re really gonna get a long sentence.

LOL Nila, so true!!

Very nicely put Nila, rock on.

Very well said Nila, I could not agree more! I guess when they get desparate they would try anything how ever crazy and stupid it may sound.