A guide for preselecting streams



Customize your own Audio/Subpicture streams selection method, please try the new feature of DVDFab.


The settings of customize streams selection in here.


Audio Streams Selection

If you want DVDFab automatically select some Audio tracks for you, please select the language of Audio track. And click button “>>” to add the language into the PreSelect Language ListBox.


After the languages have been add into Preselect Language ListBox, DVDFab will first select the Audio tracks which have the same languages in the Preselect ListBox.


If you want remove the language from the Preselect ListBox, just select it and click the button “<<”, the language will be remove it from the ListBox


If there are more than one audio track with the same language, you can set a selection mode.

If you select All Tracks, all the tracks with the same language would be selection, (In “DVD to Mobile”, Only the first track will be selected, because now this feature not support multiple audio tracks output )

If you select DTS, the DTS track will be selected, other track with the same language will not be selected.

If one of your DVD unlucky not any tracks meet your selection criteria, you can decide DVDFab how to do.

You can select all tracks or just select the first track. ( of course, you also can adjust the selection yourself ).


Subpicture Stream Selection

Maybe you never want to output any subpicture tracks, just select the Raido “Do not preselect any subpicture track”.


The selection method of subpicture language is the same as Audio track.

There are a little different between subpicture and audio when none meets your selection criteria.

You can set “Select all tracks” or “Do not select any track”.


OK, after finish your settings, remember to save it.

Sorry for I don’t know how to attach all picture to one post, so I had to use this method. :o

If the guide have any problem or you have any other good ideas, please tell me.



Hello Ting
Thanks for the Guide looks great :smiley: very good in detail :clap: :clap:



Use this option with caution. It will remove “translation” subtitles from some DVDs if you forget and leave it set this way.


Very nice Ting…thanks!

Oh, I’ll forget…that’s for sure! Thanks for the tip.
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Nah, but you probably should maintain your fluency in Korean, German, French, Spanish, Japanese and Mandarin.:bigsmile: Age has its drawbacks but beats the alternative. /he said, hoping Alan will forgive the offtopicness/:flower: