A Good Reader?



Hello all.

I’m building a new computer for my brother. Besides the fact we don’t have the budget for a fancy burner, he don’t use burning at all. Our decision was to go with a cheap, quality DVD/CD reader.

What firm should I go with?

Thx in advnace. :bow:


I have alot of DVD Roms and DVD RW from plextor, benq, lite on, aopen, and toshiba and the best reader hands down is my benQ 1640. it’s a burner but fairly cheap and the 1650 model is basically the same as the 1640 and you can get it for a little over 30 bucks.


Sorry man, but it’s still too expensive. I don’t live in the US; and here in my country price differences are bigger. I need a solid, cheap, quality burner.


Well, you havnt told us where you live. Obviously you couldnt have a top of the range burner for the smallest price, but if you are in the uk look a www.svp.com or www.komplett.co.uk


Try a LiteOn, if you can find one within your budget. I’ve recovered data from very trashed discs with a Litey.


Cool, will do so. I have read a lot here and LiteOn’s are cited for being the best readers!!