A good program for making playable DVDs of movies i have

My friend wants me to make him a DVD loaded with a series that he likes.

I got the episodes from the net, they are in AVI format, and i need to put them into a DVD so that he can play it on his DVD player. It has to be for a DVD player because he doesnt have a DVD Drive on his computer…

So, i have to get a program that will recor the .AVI files on the DVD and also make an interface for it to play on his DVD player and with subtitles, because its supposed to haev portuguese subtitles for him to read.

I read somewhere here on teh forums that i have to convert the AVI files to mpeg or something, can you guys help me out on doing all this? I mean indicate me programs and perhaps a good step by step guide?

This is something that i get no reward from, and hes a dude and im a dude, if it was for a gal i woudl clearly be getting some haha, but as its not, then i hope that the learning of how to do this, will be of great use for me in also making more playable dvds for other purposes…

Thanks in advance for all help and guidance!


In general terms, you’ll need a mpeg encoder to convert your avi files over to dvd compliant mpeg2. And you’ll need some sort of authoring program to make menus so that you can choose which episodes you want to watch. There are many different choices for this. I suggest you go to www.videohelp.com and read through some of their guides on converting avi to dvd.

Here are their guides

As Kerry56 mentioned, you’ll find lots of useful guides here: www.videohelp.com/convert

Be aware that dealing with some kind of subtitles can be tricky…

Thanks guys! :smiley: