A good place to visit

I do not know why I had not already posted this site for people to look at.
I went there a few years back and found I had almost a 1000 dollars in two different states. I also told some of the people I meet and was surprised to see how many found money.


Post back if you find you have lost money.

I forgot to say just click on the state you might have money at and go to there site.

Yes that’s a good site, seems my only lost money is in the bar :slight_smile:

Here is another good one http://www.missingmoney.com/

I lose money all the time at PC World, maybe I should call them and mention it :bigsmile:

Just kidding - I didn’t even know sites like those existed!

yes they do I had a company send me two letters telling me that I might have money in calif and for a fee they would send me the info to help me get it. I went online and found this site and go the money myself and also found I had some from a electrical co-op in south Carolina also.

Nice site, but it plainly states you have to fulfill all the conditions to claim the money, most notably having lived under the “last known address” and have done business with the entity in question. I put in my name and 63 things came up, but nothing of interest. This is basically a site for the VERY absent minded. That said, I may forget a lot of things, but never unclaimed money. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dang, I thought this thread was going to be about cool locations in the world. Like Barcelona and Rome or something. :frowning:

Not so in my case it was two insurance checks that I knew nothing about in CA. and a electical co-op that had two checks for me that I knew nothing about.
In both cases It did not take long to fill out the paper work and I did not have to have much to show I lived at that address. In the co-op case I could only find one paper that showed me at that address but SC took it… I am not absent minded when it comes to money I had no way of knowing that these checks were there, since I was not expecting them and had changed my address when I moved. Elect co-ops in the states in most cases do not pay out dividends to customer until after 10 years. Yes if you have a common name you can find money for it at addresses that you did not live at.

Unclaimed property should be a subject on everyones minds, especially now during these troubling economic times.

More so because many states are looking for ways to plug their budget gaps and just as many companies have illegally utilized customers unclaimed funds to fatten their books, you may find many municipalities doing the same thing.

Search now and search often. :slight_smile: