A Good Partition Prog?


Could someone please give me some advice on a good hard drive partitioning program?

NOT Partition Magic That’s a very good one for screwing up the hard drives.

Thanks ppl.

If your doing a fresh install of Windows, you might as well use WinXP to make the partitions.

If you’ve already got OS and files on the drive, then the only third-party one i have used myself is PM… so not sure what else to suggest.

Paragon Partition Manager

Just done a partition scan aswell to find on both drives it failed the test saying E: and C: failed these were partitions created with PM but the disk diagnostic (FULL) passed fine.

Any ideas??

operating system, drives/partitions, FAT or NTFS…???

WinXP Pro.
C: and E:

so it’s CHKDSK that returns errors ?

chkdsk is fine.

I was using Ontrack’s partition diagnostic test and it failed half way on one and 1/4 of the way on the other drive.

Bootit NG. Full trial for 30 days.

Hi, sorry…Why would i need this?

I had bad luck when I attempted the ONLY time to use partition magic. It screwed up my partitions but thankfully, I was able to get the data back. (please excuse me for not providing details as this happened a year or so ago and I can’t remember WHAT I exactly did).

I do know of others who have used different partion programs and have had a successful time with it.

I always take great care with partitioning my drives when setting up the OS the first time so that I won’t have the need to use programs such as these.


aah right cheers, is the windows partition creater the best to use then?

I was guna say, surely there must be a bit of software out there that repairs corrupted partitions??

Also wwith the corruptd partitions i have now, will everything eventually become corrupted?