A Good Monitor for Movies?

This is about my only criteria for a monitor. I’m looking to get a 19", and have considered the Samsung 900NF, the Sony CPD-440E, and the Sony CPD-G420S. Thanks for any responses.

Many ppl say that a monitor with a high brightness function (like some iLyama models do) are great to watch movies (and play games). I think that every monitor with good picture quality (a good contrast is important) and descent sharpness will do just fine. I, myself own a couple of monitors and the only one that’s not really great for watching movies is the 15" TFT on my laptop. All the others do fine. My favourite is the 19" Samsung (96P).

Must agree with reccomending Samsung. I have their 17" SyncMaster 753df and I love it’s picture quality for games or movies.

My iiyama LCD, 17.5" has the same viewable image as a 19" CRT, and movies look fantastic on it. More contrast and brightness than any CRT I’ve seen.