A good editing/burning software

Hi People,
I have Sonic my DVD 4 and I need an upgrade. I also have Movie star 5,which is not working properly. So I think it’s time to upgrade to a newer program to capture,edit,produce and burn. Would some1 make an educated suggestion as to which might give a decent quality and ease of use. :confused: I can get a My DVD upgrade for 70 to 100 buks. My DVD delux 6.1 looks inviting.

Ilike Ulead Videostudio alot. Easy to use and has alot of features. You can d/l a trial version from their website.

Thanx for the reply.
Have U used any other program?

I have both vegas video and adobe premiere, and I still use ulead visual studio for simple projects…

Yes. I have most all of adobe and ulead products. I have Vegas video and a couple other programs that I no longer use. IMO Uleadvs for price, features and and ease of use still out shines the more expensive products.-