A Good DVD Authoring Tool?

I was wondering for any sugestions
I already have used TMPGENc’s DVD Authoring tool.

I was wondering if there were any comprable freeware programs? I remember trying one or two and came away frustrated at either a bad UI or inability to deal with VOBS and requring demuxed files to work.

I tend to rip in File mode with DVD Decryptor, producing VOBs and the VIDEO_TS/AUDIO_TS folder dtructure. I’d hate having to rip TWICE, once into ISO and once into IFO/File foramtes just to get it to read in the various progrmas I have, including one for authoring.

I’m not entirely sure what you’re trying to do. If you give a more detail about what you’re planning it may be easier to help you.

From what you said, you’re looking for an authoring program that accepts VOBs as input; the only one I know of that demuxes VOBs natively is DVD-lab but it’s not freeware - ($99/$199 for PRO version) Even Sonic Scenarist needs elementary streams and that costs 100 times the price of DVD-lab PRO.


I rip them of DVDs with DVD Decrypter, and it outputs VOBS.

There have been a couple of freeware programs i’ve downloaded (like DVD Styler) which seemed either VERY techie (no real GUI in place) and unintuitive to use (though it is a fledgling program).

I just wanted a program like TmpgEnc that allowed simple “Add DVD Video” funcitons that could read in my VOBs. I also like the way you can include other VOBs from other directories, then save them all together as a project, and ocme back to it at a later date. Sounds simple!

There’s probably one out ther for free somewhere but I have obviously been a bit stupid in missing it! That’s basicaly it, a quick poiner to a great little freeware Tmpeg style authoring program.

The copy I have is about to expire and before I consider paying for the full product I wanted to know if you oculd get a similar product for free/cheaper

Due to the way VOBs are created (multiplexed) along with associated menu programming, structure and navigation programming, it’s not possible to pick-and-mix VOBs in an ad-hoc fashion – although it would be nice if they worked that way!
At some point demuxing of components you wish to keep/delete/rearrange must take place. This is of course, in the context of free programs.
The only commercial program I can think of that would do what you require is DVDRemake Pro at dimadsoft.com. It’s very easy to use as far as abitrary rearrangement is concerned.

Hope this helps

Thanks for any suggestion. I’m of now to see.

I do get frustrated with the way it can bring up a scenario “when i a VOB not a VOb…when it’s been ripped under IFO!”.

What do you presonally use for authoring?

[An exmaple of what I did was DVDDecrypted the contents of a DVD+RW, then used TMpeg to snip out he bits I wanted to put onto a ‘proper’ compilation. Repeat for other DVD sources. Then write out the result into a folder. In this cse it was to create a home grown compilation of the good Doctor’s travels from BBC1!]

Now I have a better idea of what you want to do!

I take it you’re recording to a DVD Recorder and then want to take out parts you need from the DVD+RW. You said you’re putting that through DVD Decrypter. Do standalone DVD Recorders encrypt discs? I don’t know because I’ve never used one, nor have I used a disc produced by one. Would be interesting to know.

Anyway, DVD Shrink has a reauthoring function where you can select the start and end frames of a title on a disc. Say for example you want an episodic disc of half-hour shows. After you’ve selected what portion of the recorded title you want you need to click on “Backup!”, select “hard disk folder” from the first drop down box. Your reauthored title would then be created in a VIDEO_TS folder that you select. You’d do this for each episode you want, so each would be in a different folder. Then you’d demux each title into video and audio stream files and import these into DVD-lab for instance. Then set up chapter points and create a menu for the disc.

It’s quite a bit of work but will be worth it in the end.


Standalone DVD recorder do not encrypt DVD’s or set them to a specific region. I use DVD RAM (Panasonic Recorder) and can just copy and paste the files onto the hard disk.

I use TMPGEnc DVD Author to read the files. The software can also make mpegs out of the RAM files. I then load the mpegs into mpeg-vcr or mpeg video wizard and do exact frame editing. It saves a new mpeg without re-encoding.

Shrink 3.2 cannot read DVD Recorder made DVD+ DVD’s. However, version 2.3 and under shoudl be able to.

The RAM files are recorded as AVI files then? Sorry I’m totally ignorant in this area but would like to know. :slight_smile:

RAM file are not AVI. They are stored in DVD VRO format (DVD Video Recording Object). It allows editing like what can be done with minidiscs.

DVD+ recorders are also DVD VR format but the extension is not VRO.

Well, when it comes to my personal favorite,
it definitely is DvdReMake

I have had p[roblems with DVDRemake lately. I now use the combination of VobBlanker and PgcEdit. PgcEdit also includes a fantastic menu editor like DVDRemake.

The best thing is those two are freeware.

Thanks nwg. :slight_smile:

You welcome. :slight_smile: