A good combo drive!

this is my first post…so make me feel at home and plz reply as much as possible…
Which of these combo drives is best for burning PlayStation 2 compatible CD-Rs…

  1. Sony CRX300A
  2. Sony CRX320A
  3. Liteon 48161H
  4. Samsung SM-352BRNS
  5. LG GCC 4520B
  6. MSI X52 (P8452M) aka only ‘MSI X52’

Remember, i am not asking for a dvd burner…only a combo drive (cd-rw and dvd rom combined)…

Sony CRX320E as that is a Lite-On 5232K :wink:

I have bought a CRX320E combo drive and much to my regret it doesn’t work with Nero. I think I spent over 5 hours searching the web for the combo unit drivers and found nothing. The unit read cds, i installed a couple of programs but still, can’t use the recording option since nero can’t recognize this unit as a cd-rw unit.

What to do? The computer vendor did not suply any drivers for it.

Help needed pls.

Alex from Romania

Does your OS recognize it?

Not as a Combo Unit, but as a Sony Cd-RW CRX320E unit. At least that’s what the device manager shows. Nero won’t recognize it whatsoever since it only shows the option of creating Image files (virtual devices so to speak).


Hey all!

Problem solved. It seems that installing Nero 6 solved this problem “on the fly”. Also, I found the recording option in Windows XP Pro. Right click on the combo/cd-rw unit, properties, recording, set the speed, simply drag and drop files on the cd, right click again, then record.

It’s a pitty I lost about 5 hours searching for something that my Sony would have never used :slight_smile: