A good Blu-Ray multiburner for ripping CDs?



Make this as straight forward as possible.

[li]Needs to support burning in any disc format.[/li][li]Needs to have all the features for ripping CDs.[/li][li]Can be found on Amazon and is within the last few years.[/li][li]Decent optical system that has excellent error correction and seek time.[/li][li]Has accurate stream. I heard this is pretty much a given these days.[/li][li]Doesn’t cache audio.[/li][li]Does not swap left and right channels. I’ve encountered such stuff before, didn’t like it.[/li][li]Is affordable and not overpriced.[/li][li]Comes with decent burning software. If not recommend me a good freeware program that does the job.[/li][li]Not that interested in playing Blu-ray movies.[/li][/ul]One or two 50 GB discs would make my data backing up chore easier. Sick of using multiple 8GB DVDs and would like to have an offsite backup and onsite backup.