A good 24bit <16ms >19" TFT monitor

Hyp, agreed, but as even an amateur photographer, i wouldn’t settle for a 6bit monitor ever. i don’t think there’s too much of a price premium for an 8bit monitor, you just need to find the proper one and know what to look for (i.e. the actual panel being used as opposed to the brand - similar to MID over brand of CD/DVD media).

the audio codec debate is still going very strong and i think for good reason. personally, i CAN tell the difference between WMA, Real, ACC, MP3, OGG etc -especially at the lower bitrates and i don’t consider myself a true audiophile nor do i have hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment.

regarding your earlier question about DVI. without a doubt, DVI is a better choice than D-SUB for the simple reason that a digital based monitor should use a digital input as opposed to converting the signal back and forth from digital to analog to digital. DVI also gets rid of any need for an AUTO-ADJUST or manual manipulation of the screens geometry - all that is included in the signal.

Namoh, honestly, i’ve viewed many many LCDs in store, at jobs, and at friends’ places, and the Viewsonic Pro series (as linked to previously) has been consistently the brightest, clearest and best overall physical build quality LCD panels i’ve seen. hard to go wrong with a company who’s primary product line is monitors.

good luck in your LCD search whichever way you choose to go…

Have you also seen the Dell … it’s and cheaper then the ViewSonic’s.

the Dell 2001FP uses the same panel as the Viewsonic VP201s/b - the one i linked to above. personally, i think the bezel and build quality of the VS is better…but yes, the Dell is cheaper (actually manufactured i.e. pieced together by BenQ).

im partial to outstanding build quality and Viewsonics are top notch…at least the Pro series are.

drpino, thanks for your comments… I guess, as with everthing, the decision rests with the consumer… And also thanks for answering my question about the display, Im glad I chose the DVI mode…