A good 24bit <16ms >19" TFT monitor

I’m looking for a good TFT monitor.

I’ll use it for everything, office applications, internet, games, etc.


  • it must be 8bit (cq 24bit) and not a 6bit screen
  • it must have a refreshrate of 16ms or lower
  • it must be 19" or bigger

It’s not cheap, but I’m thinking about the Dell Ultrasharp 2405FPW 24-inch.

Give me your idea’s and recommendations. :iagree:

I recently got a Sony SDM HS95P 19" LCD it has a great picture and with the 12ms response time I dont have any ghosting or blurring in movies or games. it does only go up to 1200x1074 though but that isnt an issue for me.

I have the dell2005fp, digital, and I absolutely love it. I have played Doom3, Far Cry, and other games on it. I see no ghosting or artifacting at all. Great text too. I would definately recommend it…

All TFTs supports 16,2M colors.


if you get the dell and dont like it you can send it to me I will even pay the shipping. :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

I just got the Hyundai L90D+ (19" TFT) and just got finished playing with it… I upgraded from my old yet reliable MAG 800V (19" CRT) which is still going strong after 5 years…

I chose this monitor based on positive reviews and the fact that it has an 8ms response time coupled with a 700:1 contrast ratio and 300 cd/m2 brightness… The price was slightly more than all the sub $300 19" LCD’s but I am pleased so far…

Initially I installed the monitor via VGA D-SUB connector and I wasnt too thrilled with the text display… The characters displayed a little bit of haziness or blurriness and I tried to correct the display via windows and the hardware options of the monitor with no avail… I decided to try the DVI cables that came with the monitor and surprisingly that cleared everything up… My text looks just as good if not better at 1280x1024 resolution than the lesser resolution I had with my CRT… But I have noticed that there is no AUTO ADJUST option in the LCD’s Menu any longer… Furthermore, you cannot adjust the screens position via the LCD’s menu options either…

Is this normal for running the monitor using the DVI port and should I be using the DVI port? Pros and Cons using DVI over VGA D-Sub or vice versa?

I would like some comments from others who own and use LCD’s…

I am happy with my 2001fp from dell, aside heavy 3d FPS games which some people claim they see lag, I don’t see it and it looks fine. I think sometimes people look for ghosting to try to find it. Just my two cents.

BenQ FP937s+
around 400 EUR here in germany, only 8ms reaction time, dvi-input…
if i’d have 400 EUR now, i’d get this one… :wink:

This should link to Toms Hardware page for a review of the Hyundai ImageQuest L90D+ (which I currently own), the BenQ 937F+ (mentioned above) and the Samsung SyncMaster 913N… All three offer 8ms response times…

Playing DOOM3 at a high resolution with no ghosting at all… I think DVI is the way to go if your in the market for an LCD, just make sure your grafix card supports DVI before you get one…

The Dell screen should be awesome (I guess you read the review on Tweakers, right?). Regarding that review, I presume there is no better deal.

On a personal note, I like to mention that I never have seen a TFT screen that can keep up with a good CRT screen. I just spend a few days on an expensive Liyama TFT screen and dang I hate that thing. Way too bright, 16 bit color isn’t really great etc etc.

Review (Dutch) here: http://www.tweakers.net/reviews/568?

Yep, but those are 6bit (18 bit) panels that use interpolaration to get the 16.2 million colors.

An 8bit (24bit) panel can produce 16.7 million colors!!

Yep nice screen but … it’s a 6bit screen.

Yes, but this new Dell could be the one!!!

It has an 8bit panel (true colors like a CRT), response time <16ms and it is big, really big.

8ms is mainstream now. Even very cheap monitors support 8ms, DVI… Since mobile phones are with TV, radio, 640*480 30fps video recording, 64-poly sound… I’d like them to have HDTV-ready display as well. :slight_smile:

With one little detail, that all 8ms monitors are 6bits and not 8bits. :frowning: :sad:

I would love to see an 8bit screen with 8ms response time. :iagree:

Viewsonic VP201s or better yet, any one of the newer Pro series models like the new 23in WS model: http://www.viewsonic.com/products/desktopdisplays/lcddisplays/proseries/vp231wb/

Looks great, but I can’t find any info about being it 6bits or 8bits? :confused:

im almost positive the VP201s uses this LG-Phillips LCD panel which is 8bit:

You guyz are talking about some pretty big displays… I was in a electronics store the other day and had seen an 8bit display LCD and I could not tell the difference… Sure it may have more colors, but it my eyes its not that great of a difference and actually unnoticeable…

for the average user it’s fine, but for anyone who does serious graphics work the display needs color rendition as close to CRT quality as possible. 6bit, dithering, etc. just isn’t an option for a digital darkroom, etc.

Your right, but not all of us are into serious graphic work to warrant the increase in price for such a right… This reminds me of the audio codec debates over whether MP3, WMA and OGG had better sounding formats than the other… On paper you can say one was better than the other, but to your ears it was harder to determine only because you needed higher and more expensive listening devices such as headphones and speakers to even notice the slight variation…

Again, I gave my opinion of what I saw and it was unnoticible on my eyes… To someone who knows what they are looking for, it may be noticable…

Ok, that’s good to know.