A german subforum?


and first sorry for my englisch but my schooldays are a long time ago :slight_smile:

So my question is if its possible to create here a german subforum?

btw, there are so many german users and they aren’t all speaking or reading/writing englisch.

It would be nice if it’s possible to make a german subforum!

sincerly yours

Hi misanthrop68, welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

We already have a German language forum for all sorts of discussions:

German: General Chat

thanks a lot!

i dont have seen it…


So i take a long look to this german sub but there are only hardware diskussion and no support for DVDFab products anywhere.

What i mean is a german subforum specially for DVDFab like this here but just in german :slight_smile:

Hi misanthrop68,
my english is not the best too. But german is perfectly:iagree: . There are 2 ways to get help:

  1. open a new thread in general german forum and write your question(s) about DVDFab Platinum.
  2. Send me a german PM (Private Message). Klick on my username and you have the option, if you are logging in here.

I can’t guarantee that i can help. I’m using XP Pro, not Vista. Why not trying to write in english ? It will help you, to learn more and remember some lessons in school. Sure, its not easy, but your old brain begins to work… :wink: (a little bit) :slight_smile:
EDIT: I have seen here other german people, including german moderators. They all can answer in german and english…

Es gibt eine Weise zu übersetzen, aber sie unternimmt einige Extraschritte. Zum google gehen und Sprachenwerkzeuge wählen. Sie übersetzt nicht den kompletten Aufstellungsort, weil der Aufstellungsort einige Sprachen hat oder von den Inhabern blockiert worden ist. Zu einem neuen Fenster auf dem Gewinde gehen, das du lesen möchtest. Für Einfachheit Gewindewerkzeuge benutzen, um ein bedruckbares Gewinde anzuzeigen. Copy das Gewinde und kleben es zum übersetzungskasten auf der google Seite. Du kannst deine Frage oder Antwort im übersetzungskasten schreiben, wie ich jetzt auf englisch tue und es zu übersetzen, oder, es im Gewindekasten zu schreiben den Kasten zum übersetzungskasten dann kopieren.

There is a way to translate, but it takes a few extra steps. Go to google and choose language tools. It will not translate the complete site because the site has several languages or has been blocked by the owners. Go to a new window on the thread that you want to read. For simplicity, use thread tools to display a printable thread. Copy the the thread and paste it to the translate box on the google page. You can type your question or reply in the translate box as I am doing now in English and translate it or type it in the thread box then copy the box to the translate box.

Thank you for the Tipps! With google was complete me again and I tries it now simply once. I write the text on German and let him into the English translate. Times see whether it then still someone reading can. Nevertheless many thank you

Hello misanthrop68,

bicmacnc tip about using Google is very useful and if you feel that something is harder to translate or does not fit, just type the phrase in German. Many folks here will be able to help you.

So many other germans here :flower: