A gaming pc that can fit in your hand

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I don’t see how it will be as cheap as they state. When the Iris Pro graphics were reviewed at Anandtech near the Haswell launch the cheapest Haswell SKU with it was almost $500.

Nintendo Gamcube!!!

[QUOTE=chickenlittle;2699435]Nintendo Gamcube!!![/QUOTE]

no…3DS XL that is portable gaming to me… :bow:

Meh, for a similar price you can get a laptop with a screen… and DEDICATED graphics card/memory! This is stupid, IMO FTW…

Yeah, not sure I believe the price on this…something tells me they’re lowballing it.

Anyone buying a gaming PC is more likely to spend that much on just the video card :slight_smile: And if not, at least a PC where you can upgrade the graphics card since that’s probably the biggest performance bottleneck for games.
Me, I would just by an XBOX One for similar price.

I can build a nice machine cheaper then that I think but mine wouldn’t be tiny, but would be fully upgradable.
That would make a really nice tiny HTPC though seeing how I’m using this full tower loaded power hog as one now, but 600 bucks…
At least this guy sleeps at one watt and I can change whatever I want and of course have plenty of room to do so.
Very cool box though and I bet they sell quite a few and at least it sounds reasonably capable.

Nice gaming pc. I love that it can fit to my hand.