A full frontal view of PX-740A... yep, it's a BenQ



Plextor has only provided a PR photo of the new 740A with an open tray hiding distinctive drive features from view, but here is a better picture I’ve found at pcpop.com. Note the location of the eject hole, unique to BenQ drives.

Plextor first (top or left), OEM BenQ next (bottom or right).

P.S. PX-740A is now listed by plenty of US online stores but nobody has the drive in stock yet. sparco.com, a large distributor/online retailer lists two versions of the drive, beige and black, priced $98.20 (10% off $109 retail price) , with ETA of June 4, 2005.


thanks agent009. Interesting…


Maybe we should start another 16x writer poll and see what drive Plextor picks…hehehe
Gotta love it. Plextor buying BenQ drives…


Thanks for the Heads up agent009. Certainly looks the same as the BenQ.


Or… do you think Philips/BenQ bought Plextor? :stuck_out_tongue:


well at least plextor rebadged a great burner


thanks for the info agent009…


That is kind of pricey though, what does a Plex 716A and a BenQ 1640 go for in US $$$?


I bet you are scanning or doing PI/PO test and can’t go to plextor.com or benq.com. :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:

[cheers crossg!!]




716A is about $120-130 (with a $30 rebate by mail, if that is still going on…), and 1640 is not available yet, but I would expect it to start selling around $80-85. When it does. So far 1640 is available exclusively in countries that were defeated in World War II. :a (I keed, I keed!)

Anyway, I believe $98 for 740A is a reasonable price for the first week or so. It can only go down from there.


Yep actually I am, but I was trying to figure the exchange rate in my head and I guess it would end up being about 130 dollars Canadian and I bought my 716a for $149.00 Can.:stuck_out_tongue:

@agent009.Thx for the answer and yes I guess thats reasonable :slight_smile:


I bet there will be $20-30 rebate for 740, otherwise it ends up the same price with 716A ($129.99 - 30 rebate = $99.99).


will the 1640 be cheaper?


Wrong, BenQ 1640 is not available in France :bigsmile:


Plextor drives always cost more… However if there is a rebate, they might be the same. I heard 1640 will be around $70.

Btw, IF 740 is a rebadge 1640, then I’m sure someone will start plextor dare thread like this one. :slight_smile:


This wouldn’t be the first time Plextor rebadged a Benq. The Plextor PX-230A looks exactly like a Benq 52532X.

Plextor retails for $57.85 at Newegg. (OEM - $50.49) The Benq only costs $22.99.


In europe is the 740a in some shops listed, too.
Prices between 79 and 89 euros.
It should be there available on 2nd or 3rd june, all this shops have the same release date. :wink:


DVD-ROM Plextor PX-130 looks exactly like a Benq 1650V.


Side note: Plextor Asia/Oceania has new FW 1.01 for PX230a.