A Friend Asks' A Small Favor



Yes,i am well aware that any known, or unkown, DVD copy protection can be beat. But I’d like something thats allows the DVD to be watched, but that trying to use the likes of Nero Disk Copy, or clone CD would throw up an error sign, yes one we could all chuckle at as we stroll by, but that the complete novice might be fooled. And i’d like it to be a nearly one-click operation. Even the simple ones i’ve seen are more trouble than thier worth, with between 8 an 20 steps. Its just one of those ‘special needs’ for a certain 'special situation. And many deal with .cue files, not DVD media. If such could be provided, you’d get a special thanks from a friend. THANK YOU


I dont fully understand, you want a “1-click” (copy protected) DVD copying program?


NoNONo. I’m sorry, very poor choice of words on my part. I guess its the frustration setting in after seacrhing so long before finally asking. And whoa, Ben, clicking on your “SIMPLE GUIDE TO COPYING GAMES” BRINGS UP:

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If thats the simple way, I’m not elevating to ‘DIFFICULT’!
But actually the finished product would be a DVD video, and what is wanted is a quite short, DVD copy gaurd, which can be very weak,very 'non-cd-freak’ish way that a total novice could apply
it without it scaring him off; and when the even more novice hit copy DVD, an error window will pop-up. I know, it could be copied to HD, but they,(the one’s wanted fooled) don’t. Its for a friend, and i’m not gonna break his confidence on the net. I’d have to study the DVD structure better to know if an IFO edit would work while leving the DVD playable. Hope I made less muddle of that, Ben. thx


So you want to put a protection on your own DVDs?

Ben :slight_smile:

ps. thanks for letting my know, the game copy guide has been fixed :slight_smile:


Well, first of all it is not for me, its for some one, a couple, who want to experiment. nuff said.
And mod i found what’s needed. please close this thread.thank you


no no no dont close… was u lookin to add copy protection to DVD’s that u burned? what did u find? and could u share please!! thanx