A fresh start to aleviate freezing during playback



Hi All i have some freezing problems on playback on my LG LHT550TB player, it does not replicate on other dvd players.
It always seems to happen toward the end of the movie.
I use the titanium brand discs.

I have recently purchased a new PC system so i wanted to know what is the latest software to use, my old system ran with dvd shrink and nero.

I want to rip original disks, create from images aburn files to disk.

Please can you help me to set this thing up right? :bow: :bow: :bow:


Use better media (Verbatim) and burn slower.


OK thanks for that what speed do you suggest? can it really be that simple?
any suggestions regards the software?


I’d suggest a change of DVD media to Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden and ignore advice about burning very slow for quality.

Verbatim 16x media burns very nicely at 12x, although some prefer 8x but either way the results should be very good.

If you’ve got images then I’d advise using ImgBurn as your burning app of choice.

If you’re ripping from originals and burning to single layer discs then DVD Shrink is as good as anything really. However, you might need something to remove the later protections and AnyDVD is good for that. A free way is to use DVD Decrypter & Ripit4Me to get it to the HDD and then run DVD Shrink.

Out of Shrink I’d create an ISO image file & then burn that with ImgBurn.


Cheers Tim, ill give all of the suggestions a try, ill update as soon as i get things sorted :clap:


Sorted. Verbatim + dvd r gave perfect results.