A "?" for NEC owners

Question (1) If you could purchase the 3500 or the 3520 for the same price, which would you buy, and why?
coadman :eek:

don’t really have any choice soon cause the 3500 will be a memory.It’s a great drive but it’ll phase out.3520 I use has been fine.Just wait for the firmware updates to improve it’s ability and I’m sure it will equal up to the 3500.

3500… No question about it. You might want to wait and see how 3540 is which should be coming out shortly. I have the 3500 and it likes all the good media I can throw at it at double the rated burn speed. With great scans. But I’m not saying anything thats hasn’t been said if you some reading. :slight_smile:

I’ve read reports of 3520s having problem reading above 14X. That’s why I would go with the 3500.

I faced this question last December and bought the 3500 from newegg. Everything I read about the 3500 being a world class burner has proven to be true, I could not be happier.

Egads man! I have had a sony dru500ax (riplocked @ 2x), a liteon dvd-rom drive (read most SL discs in ~6 mins), an NEC 2500 (heard your mmv, but mine wasn’t even worthy of assuming reading duties), and now a 3520 (reads most full SL discs in ~5 mins…finishing right @ 16x. I’m gonna have to check this (probs above 14x) out some more, but my conclusion thus far (~100 copy and burns) is that the nec 3520 is a better, faster reader than the liteon dvd-rom drive was. Can the 3500 top that ripspeed? Starting with that pia sony ripping and burning some 4x stuff at only 2x, I’m just ecstatic with the 3520 burning 8x media @ 16x, and with good results. Can it really get better than this? 11 minutes to take a full dvd, copy to hd and burn to a fresh disc?

it’s not always about speed…sometimes it’s about quality.

You have an equally good chance of getting an “average” quality burner or a “exceptional” quality berner with either model. My 3520 is superior to my 3500 in nearly every way in terms of speed and quality, but the differences are not huge. The reverse could easily be true with 2 different drives of the same models.

The Mad Dog (NEC3500) is on sale for $49.95USD after $30 MIR at CompUSA. Picked up one just to have a extra. Mad Dog firmware allows bitsetting also.

Did you confirm that it is a rebadged 3500 not 3520?
The model name is for 3500 but the spec on the website was for 3520.

If it is truely a 3500, this looks to be the perfect (last?) chance for the 3500 mania. :slight_smile: Now you only see 3520 almost everywhere.

It is a 3500, don’t know about the external MD, could be a 3520.

My choice would be the 3500 one.

Went back today to get another and when I opened it it was a 3520(MD-16XDVD9A2). Same package as first one. Oh well, I guess I needed a 3520. :confused:

I would like to go for the 3500 even if eBay would be my last chance. I own this burner since it came out here in Germany and i really love it. I love it even more since Liggy and Dee do their grear work on the firmware. I know my warranty is in hell. But who cares… :-). If someone wants my NEC he has to kill me to get it :-))


Is there any date of manufacture on the packaging, or some other way to tell the 3500 from the 3520?

There is a utility that can be downloaded from Sony’s website that gets around the riplock (forget what it is called though)

Should see MD-16XDVD9 on the box. This is the NEC 3500.

Rdgrimes and Furballi, there is nothing on the box that would indicate if it is a 3500 or 3520. I checked the barcode from Sunday’s purchace and the barcode from today’s purchace and they are the same. I checked my copy (of the first MD i bought in December) of the mail in rebate and the barcode on it is the same also. I don’t really mind having a 3520 but damnit I would like to know what I am buying before I get it home. :a You might check some Office Maxes and tell them you want to open the box and look at the drive and if it is what you want you will buy it.( Price match CompUSA of course)
I guess I will have to buy a new 'Puter case with 6 5 and a half inch bays. :iagree:

There should be a model number on the OUTSIDE of the box. A2 is the 3250.

For the post above me… I had the samething happen to me that G_Ivan Awfulitch had happen to him. I too thought I was getting the 3500, but instead got the 3520A, and there is no indication on the outside of the box that shows its a 3520A. Including A2 which I looked all over for. This happened to me this past saturday too.