A ? for dee-27, liggy, quickee, and herrie

first, do you realize or did you plan that all you firmware modders names end in an e vowel sound?

Second, is the pie/pif scanning portable from the 3520 code to the 3500?

Dee-27 :confused:

Twentyseven? Hmmm, doesn’t sound like ‘e’ to me. :wink:
But I’m already using this nick for 15 years or even a few more. I needed something with 5 letters, when formatting floppy discs on my C64.

Second, is the pie/pif scanning portable from the 3520 code to the 3500?

First of all, this code needs to be located. Unfortunately I still do not know the necessary command set for scanning so I could try to find this code. Someone wanted to send this documentation to me, but this someone still didn’t do it. But I’ll continue nagging him :bigsmile:

Second I do not know how complicated the PI/PIF scanning routines are and if all necessary subroutines can be found in all firmwares or if copying them is a lot of manual work.

Third and last point, the 3520 uses a different assembler code (NEC V850) than previous drives (Hitachi H8). While it is not impossible, to rewrite the code in a different assembler language it’s some kind of hell job, probably taking lots of time that I do not have. Additionally the V850 code is much harder to read and understand than the H8 code - at least for me.

So I will probably only TRY to make the 3500 code work on a 2510 firmware. But I cannot promise yet that I will be successful. Even the small bitsetting code may take several hours to transfer to a different drive.

Do we know for sure if there is a hardware limitation for error scanning on 3500 and 2500/2510 models ?

Or will NEC/MadDog/IODATA release something for those drives ?

I don’t think there’s a hardware limitation. Both drives seem to have many similarities. (Even 3520 and newer seem to be somewhat similar)

But I guess soon NEC (and later also the OEMs) will have 3500 firmwares with PI/PIF scanning, but probably there won’t be an official firmware for the 25*0 series.

Use a ASPI Spy to get the commands. =P

I have an SPTI tracer, but no drive that is capable of scanning at the moment :confused:

yeah, well, i wanted to see if you were paying attention… it is the exception that proves the leaky sweater or something like that. ect ect.

actually i would not see much of a point… the 2500 has been noted as a not that great reader and the scanning would be done with the reading part of the pickup. plus since the driver reads at a fairly low speed it would take forever to scan with (a 4x scan that starts below 2x in most cases) the 3500 on the otherhand with 8x scanning would be ok

But the 2500 is the only DVD writer I have and I want to be able to do quality checking too :wink:


Good point!

:rolleyes: :o :a :frowning:
:Z didn’t know it was possible to read that on cdfreaks…

Never had a simple reading problem with my 2510 and original DVD or with all the DVD+R/DVD-R/DVD+RW I own… Verbatim/CMC Mag/Maxell. Maybe I’m lucky… :bigsmile:

@4X = 15mn, for a SL disc. Is that forever ? :confused:

It’s not 15 minutes when it is 4x CAV scanning and actually starts at around 2x. :o

I hate 4x CAV =)

No, that’s forever and a while :bigsmile:


Note, math was not my best item in school…

Interesting. :slight_smile:
if you remove the 27 it works, or you could have Wendy (real name) or even my Messenger signin, which i wont put here as its possibily a bit rude :o

Oh go ahead, humour us … but be warned … you may find yourself rather popular as all these hotheaded youths (or other) on cdfreaks further their online obsession with CDfreaks only scantily clad (brunette) redhead :wink:

well suprise, suprise…

or most likely you haven’t noticed. if i did not have a 3500 or a 1633 i wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference but there are some discs that the 2500 will have troubles reading that will fly along @ 16x on the 3500… the liteon, damn it’s black heart, is more picky than the 3500 but it is faster on DL (12x) when i have scanning on the 3500 i am dumping the liteon for an aopen for ripping.

use dvdspeed to lock the drive @ 4x and run a transfer rate test… you will see for yourself it starts @somewhere around 2x and gradually speeds up… finally ENDING at 4x not starting. the only scanning drives that seem to lock @ 4x are the liteons. benq and now nec are CAV not CLV which means you are picking the ENDING not starting speed.

here is an example of the 5 and 8x from the 3520 as you can see the 8x starts at 4 and the 5x seems to start between 2 and 3

ok moving on to the second question… anything to report? :slight_smile: :wink: :bow: :bow: :bow:

cnlson: Hehe… BenQ can scan at 4x CLV. But no scanning program supports it =)
BTW. In your signature you say you have a retired drive that hasn’t even been released yet hehe