A Fix for WinXP's WMP Video Playback Bug

Maybe this is not new but you know that problem with WinXP’s WMP that when a few video files for some reason get recognized as audio files by it. But then if you play em with Divx’s Playa or BS Player, or using the “mplayer2.exe” through the Run… option, they all play it fine. Well when I download those large 700 mb DVD rips, and they turn out like this, I by accident found a way to fix it.

Just use VirtualDub, I’m sure everyone know what dat is, the latest version, and open the problematic file, processing both the audio and video with “Direct Proccessing” and saving it. It only takes a min, a lot shorter than downloading all over again. You’ll find that this version has no problems at all.

I can’t explain why that is, maybe someone can, but it works and that’s all that matters.