A Fix for Audio Stutter!

I just posted the article A Fix for Audio Stutter!.

Ewo9 found out how to fix a common problem: MP3 and CD audio stutter… What he found out is quite logical and I guess it’ll be needed only for weaker CPU’s.

By using MSConfig you can setup your…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1859-A-Fix-for-Audio-Stutter.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1859-A-Fix-for-Audio-Stutter.html)

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umm… how would this be done in win2k exactly? i always get stuttering audio whenever i scroll (browser, word, explorer, etc). it never happends with winme on my system. but always with win2k. i’ve already got all the services down to a minimum (no useless stuff running). what else should i really check for?

Are you sure this is the cure? Even on a P166 mp3 should work without any problem. Maybe the cause is something like an antivirus scanner running in the background, something like a specific program.

well this certainly would help when encoding to mp3 on a slow system. :8

Moreno suggested that if an anti virus program is running in the background it would be a more likely cause. When this is shut down it definitely helps since anything from an on-line source eats up CPU. Also checking into MSN’s messenger service being a background culprit. I’m told by a reliable source to go into MSNMSGR’s properties and turn off “run at startup”…still working on this! (us newbies are sometimes slow!)

If you have a slower PC and MP3s stutter when played, try CoolPlayer from www.daansystems.com. It is just about the only MP3 player I could get to work properly on my Cyrix 166. If MP3s still stutter a bit set the priority to the highest setting in options, and then reload CoolPlayer. This will make MP3s completely stutter free if you aren’t running too many programs at once. However it will slow down your system a bit. I hope this helps :stuck_out_tongue:

actually just want to clarify… the stuttering of audio (mp3, wma, cd audio, plain audio!) happens on my system, on my friends system, on an office system, whenever win2k is the OS! even with a fresh install and no other services except the bare essentials! has anyone else noticed this? the audio always stutters whenever i scroll (whenever my friend scrolls, etc.). any other time and it doesn’t happen.

Well whenever you scroll it uses a lot of CPU power (because Microsoft programmers are retards), and that’s why the audio stutters. How to fix this: switch operating systems, to Linux or BeOS.