A first look at Firefox 3.0

Mozilla has officially released the first public alpha build of Firefox 3.0. Codenamed Gran Paradiso, Firefox 3 includes the new Gecko 1.9 rendering engine which leverages the open-source Cairo rendering framework and features heavily refactored reflow algorithms that improve Firefox layout functionality and resolve some long-standing CSS bugs.

Story: http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20061212-8409.html

:cool: :cool:


But, really ! Wow!
Looks like they’ve run a smoothing filter across those icons … yeehaw!

Hardware 3D accelerator required …

I remember the problems for many people when Quake3 was released … the first game to require a 3D accelerator (no software rendering option).
Luckily, every video chip released in the last 7 yeras has had some form of 3D acceleration available.

Now, we have Internet Web browsers requiring 3d acceleration … and of course we all know what that means!
Every driver release will need to be checked for compatibility with each directx game, each opengl game & now your web browser!

No seriously, it looks cool :wink: