A firmware problem (DVR-104)



Alright, good day to all,
i’ve an old pioneer dvd-rw dvr-104, and for what I put on my DVD, it’s alright. But when i’ve upgraded the fw to 1.41 version, i don’t know what was happening. From that point, I’ve encountered many problems. I cannot create more DVD, and what is very strange is that if i use the same DVD using before I’ve upgraded to 1.41, they doesn’t work at all. And more absurd was that one time a DVD-R was recorded as it should be. But when i try to read that DVD with the same DVD-RW recorder, some files are missing or bad data. More absurd was the check i’ve made after… i’ve tried to read the DVD with a home-dvd in offer at a discount… and readed all the files! :eek: :eek:
Now the problem with the DVR-104 still remain, so, there is a way to go back in the firmware? I know that on the pioneer site in downloading section there is a advertising and hateful phrase that says i cannot back… can anyone help me?
Thanks in advance :bow: :bow: :bow: