A firmware for DVR-K15RA

Hi, I own a ACER 1692 notebook and I’d live to update the firmare of my DVD writer (Pioneer DVR-K15RA vers. 1.03). I searched in every links but without any success. I’m sure someone can help meto find the latest update, thank you :slight_smile:

You’d have to ask ACER.

I also looked for it in the Acer website but no-way… just new drivers but no firmware for the dvd writer… My hope is for an indipendent website, I’m not looking for a modded firmware just an update version… My problem is that it’s not able to read DVDs burned at 16x: is there any other solution? Thanx

Once again, the firmware you need would have to come from ACER.

Reading burned DVDs at 16x with a slimtype drive? You can forget about that right away.

As chef points out laptop drives can’t go that fast.

They are limited to 8X for DVD (24X for CD), it’s a rotation speed issue, and relates to how well the disc can be clamped to the spindle motor.

If you need faster speeds you will need to get an external half-height drive.

Or perhaps we misunderstood the original question. Are you saying that discs burned at 16X on some other drive will not read at all on this drive?

If that is the case, knowing what brand of media (Media ID), and the make/model of the burning drive might be helpful. What happens if the discs are burned more slowly.

Brother Vlad

Ok, thanks for your reply. My problem is:
with my notebook I’m not able to read DVDs burned at 16x with my desktop PC (the DVD-Writer is a LG), when I use DVDs burned at slower speed, with my previous Sony DVD-Writer, everything is right, no problem at all. What’s the problem? I thought it was useful to upgrade the obsolete firmware in the Pioneer DVR-K15RA…

Like TDB mentioned, it would help if you could post the mediacode/MID of the media you have used/burned.

You could get the info by using a tool like DVDInfo or DVD.Identifier.

Also I will offer a pizza to the guy able to find an update firmware in the ACER website :stuck_out_tongue: . I read elsewhere that the RA version could use a Sony firmware… any confirmation for this?

I have patched Acer firmware to OEM firmware 8.11 using DVRFlash 2.1 , send me mail, I can send you the files.

It’s amazing , I saw this famous TheDangerousBros guy in this post, Brother Vlad , I really need your K16 1.33 patch file to turn on DVD-RAM function on ACER K16RA, since www.rpc1.org has down for 2 weeks, I still can not get them , save me , you are my god!!!

That’s not true - again. :a

Chef , why you so hostile to me, I just want someone can share that file, if I can download by myself. why I waste my time spam here?