A Film with many angles?

I was trying to copy a movie which has more than one angle. Infact it has 5 angles. I want to be able to keep all of them. Is there any guides, or does anyone know how to do this?

I had been using the guide at http://dvd2dvdr.com/DVD2one_Guide_Menu.htm to try and keep all the menus and special features and then was not sure how to overcome the angles problem.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanx Loads


I’ve learned alot from the following pages… I Think you will be able too keep the many angles in your movie, but be prepared for massive quality loss…

Here is the site:

DVD2One with menus and extras

Have fun :wink:

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You may have already looked at this.


(Thanks VioletHue for the mirror)

I put this guide together quickly. Multiple angles should still work. I’ll find a disc here with multiple angles and give it a try.

Hope this helps,