A File Size Issue

I have several movies in WMP format and vary in size from 521 to 704 megs. But can’t get my Roxio Easy CD & DVD Creator to burn any of them. I always get the error message that the file is too large for the disk and I’m using 4.7 gig disks. :a

You’re trying to burn several movies on one DVD or just one movie to one DVD. You can also use CDRs in this case there is no need for burning them to DVD.

are you sure you have selected the burn dvd files and not cd, as you may be on cd mode in which case it will be to big to fit several large movies.

Are you burning as a data disk or are you trying to convert to dvd? If you burn as data disk with classic creator you can get one each on a 700 meg cd-r or 6-7 on a dvd. If you’re converting to a dvd and that’s what you want there’s probably something in roxio where you select the quality, try reducing the quality.