A Few Words About My Good Buddy, Windows XP



XP’s been a hard-working member of the Microsoft family for years. When I need to go somewhere and get things done, I know I can find an XP driver. XP is pretty secure if you follow some simple rules about safe computing. What more could XP do to protect the truly clueless users from their own gullibility? Sure, you could prompt them with “Cancel or Allow” every time they touched the keyboard, but that would be just plain annoying. (Sorry, Vista, I didn’t see you there.)



I am sticking with Vista 64 I have xp on my other hard drive but I like Vista 64 much better and I have no driver issues like many do of course mine was built and not a prefab.


yeah i’m really diggin’ Vi$ta Ultimate 64 bit.


[QUOTE=Bob;2087546]yeah i’m really diggin’ Vi$ta Ultimate 64 bit.[/QUOTE]

I feel the same way about my Vista Home Premium (32bit) :slight_smile:


I’m still adjusting to Vista…


I’m still on XP sp 3, Tried Vista for a few hours and don’t like it. And will not pay the price for it.


All my machines has Windows XP. My Shuttle PC used to have Vista Business (dual boot system Windows XP+Windows Vista). But after moving to my new location my Vista HDD was not working anymore.

Seems like the Samsung HD252KJ didn’t like Windows Vista and decided to die instead of living with Windows Vista :cool: