A few seconds to format a DVD-RW?


I’ve just got my first dvd burner today: BenQ-1655 (was this a good choice?)
I also bought some Sony DVD-RW DMW47S1 media. Reading through the help pages of InCD, it said that formatting a new DVD-RW takes 90 min. (120 with verify). But when I popped in my first disk, and selected ‘Format’ (no verify) I was surprised that it finished formatting in a few seconds only! Can that happen? or is there something wrong?

I then sent a 1.4gb file and it was recorded successfully. But Qsuite only shows a warning message and then never starts. Nero says that the DVD drive is locked by InCD server. Does that mean the actual formatting is not complete yet? (When I press the eject button, the disk gets ejected normally.)

now that I’ve tried a second DVD-RW, this time selecting ‘verify’ it took 29min.
Is that a full format?
Or does this mean that it is probably formatting as it records, only the portion that’s necessary for writing each file everytime I send one to the burner?

Yes that’s what happens without a full format.

I don’t use InCD and most here would advise that you remove it immediately.

It rather depends how you want to use the RW media you have as to whether something like InCD is needed. I use RW media all the time but either burn a movie or a data disc with Nero & erase the disk each time. I don’t use them for backups anymore.

I’ll take your advice, many thanks. But can you please give me a hint on why I should remove it immediately, and why most people advice against it?

for burning a whole RW, do I just use nero? which program, StartSmart? then what do I click at first (for a new dvd)? 'make data dvd"? or ‘prepare/format rewritable dvd’?

sorry for asking too many questions.

InCD seems to affect other burning programs, interfering with the burn process.

As a program for handling packet writing (don’t ask me to explain 'cos I can’t) it seems to be a bit limited in it’s inability to be able to delete files on the RW disk. I’ve used Roxio’s DragtoDisk in the past which does allow deletion/updating of files & to me is the better product.

For your second question , I’d used StartSmart & Nero Express & the Data Disc option. Nero will prepare (format/erase) the RW disk when required. Obviously for burning a movie you take the DVD Video files option.

Are you saying you’re not in favor of using any tool for treating RW media as floppies, or hard drives? I don’t think I need that either. I bought my burner to free hard disk space from bulky files, and its fine with me to fill up an RW in one go. So, all I need is nero startsmart/nero express then?

That’s correct , I’m not in favour of using RW media in that way. It wasn’t too bad with CD-RW but there seem to be more problems with DVD RW media.

And yes , Nero Express should be all you need.

and instead of inDC, we can use nero express to record files to the RW using multi session, right? I just tried it and it does what InCD do, right? thats great!

I don’t know that multi-sessions is recommended either , but if it works for you.

Personally I’ve never used multi-session writing so I can’t really comment from my own experience. I know that we get lots of queries about getting data back from multi-session disks.

Question: if I didn’t use multi session in nero express, and burned say 1gb file only, will I be able to add more files later to my RW disk?

Only with multi-session (or InCD/DragtoDisk) can you do that.

The best thing you can do is try multi-session a few times with unimportant files & see if it works for you.

So far, I used mutli-session in 3 disks (sony DVD-RW X8 4.7GB) with no problem in my BenQ 1655. I can add and delete whatever files and folders I want, unless I started, as you said, recording without selecting multi-session, in which case nero warns me that the existing files will be deleted for the new ones to be recorded.

Did anyone report problems that results from using multi-sessions while recording DVD-RWs?