A Few Questions

Hi Im very new to this so I just have a few questions. Ive had many problems in the past with burned cd’s from Memorex, skipping, screaching noises, not thr best sound quality etc… well I have been asking around and Ive decieded to go with Verbatim. I went to Future Shop and Radio Shack and found out that there are many diferent types of Verbatim. I dont mind paying a little bit extra for better sound and durability so I just need to know which is the best for burning cd’s. Im realy interested in 10 Pack CD-R Digital Vynal Metal so if you can tell me how that compares to the others like the DataLifePlus or any other Verbatim I would realy apreaciate it.

Another question is about taking music video’s I downloaded from Kazaa and putting them on dvd so I can watch them on my dvd player, is it even possible ? I heard it was a long time ago but cant remember all the details so if so then what products do I need and how do I do it ? I just wanna put about 10 diferent music videos or whatever on dvd to watch on tv. I did see a Verbatim DVD Recorordable 3 pack unit (the one’s that look like film projectors and say Digital Movie DVD+3) is that something I need ? if so what else ?
Well Im sorry for so many questions but like I said Im realy new at this so any help is apreaciated. Thanks :slight_smile:

For burning normal audio cd (not mp3) the best way is to buy special audio cd an no cd for data.

A good and easy program for burning video files (avi, mpg) on dvd is Sonic MyDVD.

Ok thanks alot :slight_smile:

Yo Mark-

Rather than pay a whole bunch for Verbatum and not knowing EXACTLY what you are getting-
Why not get the best - Taiyo Yuden - for less…
www.rima.com has the 50 pack of 8x -R’s for $35 + shipping - great vendor and price for the absolute BEST media for a pc-

Happy Burnin’


Suggest you bag Radio Shack and the Verbatims and go to Best Buy and get some Fugis made in Japan which are TYs.
Also don’t waste your money on the Audio CDs they are the same disks as data disks.