A few questions

Firstly, how do I permanently mark off ‘Disable Script Debugging’ in Internet Explorer? I have tried to do so via the registry but each and every time I open up IE again I have to check it or else I get a bunch of script error boxes on websites.

Secondly, how do I permanently shut off ‘Automatically Detect Settings’ and ‘Use automatic configuration script’ in Tools -> Internet Options -> Connections -> LAN Settings?

Thanks a bunch

ehh… how about unchecking the checkboxes? Works with me!


What i would be more intrested in knowing is if there is anyway to make I.E. automatically select NO, to website software things, which popup saying security warning… the author asserts it is safe… if they are produced by the gator corperation. :cool:

Well, yes, I ‘uncheck’ or ‘check’ the boxes as needed. But the problem is I have to do this each and every session. It doesn’t permanently stay that way; thus my reference in trying it through the registry.

win xp ?

Sorry, forgot to mention. Win98SE / IE 5

try internet tools, properties, and the advanced tab, scroll thru there you will find the script debugging and so forth, just uncheck them…

As I mentioned, checking and unchecking does not help. It only works per session and not permanently but thanks anyway.

If checking/unchecking doesn’t work (which should work of course) I guess you are ready for a fresh reinstall of Windows!


Umm i had this same kinda problem and i upgraded to IE 6.0 and then my boxes unchecking n checking selections stayed. maybe you should try this. newayz im off good luck