A few questions

Basically my mum and dad split up like a few years ago, my dad got a new pc, and i wanna put games on it. I do not want to use a no-cd and i don’t want to use a mini image. And i don’t wanna take games round all the time.
Is there any ways to get these burnt to dvd and playable of it.
I would like to copy
±COD2(couldn’t find a conclusive method)

I have Newest Alcohol 120%, CloneCD and CloneDVD. Thanks for the help, please don’t oved do the posting, just quick simple answer for each will do.

And please don’t patronise me cos i have 1 post, i am not a retard, everyone starts at 1 post, so don’t bitch, ty.

I can understand your position. However, from a legal perspective, you may not be allowed to install the game on more than one PC at a time… I have not read the EULAs of these particular games, but I can imagine that they do not allow this, even if you do own the games Depending on the EULA, there may be an escape clause, if it states that the game may only be played on one PC at the same time.

As to your question of the games allow to be played on your PC without the original at hand, you may find help in the archives of this forum. One method that springs to mind is the use of images on your PC that you mount with virtual drive software…

Well i’d prefer to use it off a disk, as my dad doesn’t have loads of space for images, and doesn’t like virtual drives much as some software he uses for work won’t run with them. The games will only be played like one night a week, and won’t be run at the same time anywhere else.

I have experience with using images and virtual drivers etc. But if it will play using an image surely it should play when burnt to disk?

Realised i should probably say both pc’s are identical(mine and my dads) Both have a Sony DW-Q31A DVD Writer(firmware LYS6) and a Sony DDU1615 DVD reader(firmware FYS2).
Sorry for the double post.

Anyone know, i’ve not been able to access the forums for the last few weeks. Thanks.

Sad when out of all you people, only 1 person can be bothered to help, even if you don’t know about all the games, post telling me how to do one, not bothered about bf2 as it is sh*t.

I would have helped you if I could have answered the question. You must also bear in mind that what you are asking may not be possible, but not being a games person I don’t really know. Perhaps that’s why no one else has replied!

what you could do is make a mini image, then burn that to disk, then use mounting software to mount the images. I would think that would help.

Ty, i’ll try that then, won’t i have to use virtual drive hiders and stuff tho, i’m using alcohol 120% for virtual drives, i’d prefer to make a straight copy, but i’ll play about.