A Few Questions Regarding My New DW1650

I just got a Norwood (BenQ DW1650).
I’ve read that maybe I should have gotten the 1640 instead.

I have NOT installed the Nero OEM Suite that came with it.
I do have Nero Burning ROM 6 Ultimate installed for my CD-RW drive.
I have installed RipIt4Me, DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink 3.2, VLC Media Player.

  1. Can I check the firmware without installing Nero OEM Suite?

  2. Should I change the firmware from Norwood to BenQ firmware?

  3. What media should I use +/-R, +/-RW, SL/DL?
    Please include retail make rather than just who pressed it.
    … unless who pressed it is somewhere on the lable.
    I’ve read that I should get +.

  4. Where can I get the best deal on media?
    I’m in the U.S…

Thank you for any help you can offer.

Use Cd/DVD speed to check your firmware.
If you crossflash your drive to the official Benq firmware you’ll void the Norwood warranty.

Benq drives tend to like DVD+R Single layer. Use good quality media like Verbatim that you can buy from any retail store and Taiyo Yuden which you can buy from www.rima.com.

Can this drive set the book-type to DVD-ROM?


^Yep, it can. Download and use QSuite. Booktypes +R/RW/+R DL to -ROM.

Follow the great advice given. You made a good choice the 1650, (with retail benq firmware) it is an excellent drive. But as suggested download the qsuite software to get the full use from the drive.:bigsmile:

DVD Decrypter or DVD Shrink had a check box to set the book type to DVD-ROM.
If I use that do I need QSuite?

Is that on BenQ’s site?

I went to CUSA. The “best” media they seem to have is Memorex.


DVD Decrypter or DVD Shrink had a check box to set the book type to DVD-ROM.
If I use that do I need QSuite?

Qsuite also does lots more. Zebadee has provided an excellent guide and download link here.

You may also want to check out this recent thread which relates to DW1655 media. It’s basically the same drive but with Lightscribe.

I personally tend to stick with MCC004, T02 and T03 which all give good burns. You’ll need some input from other member though regarding where the best offers are in the US.

With regard to the Memorex I don’t think these are too well thought of although the DW1650 does seem to burn pretty much anything.

Am I wrong or is it impossible to tell what is MCC004, MCC003, YUDEN00T02, and TYG02 without buying it and testing it?


^Go to www.rima.com, buy the Taiyo Yuden 8X +R discs. They are Yuden000-T02 discs, and the 16X +R discs are T03s. B&M Yudens are apparently getting rare in the US, stick with RIMA…

For MCC004, get Verbatim 16x DVD+R from your local store (best buy, compusa, etc).

DVD Decrypter or DVD Shrink had a check box to set the book type to DVD-ROM.
If I use that do I need QSuite?
If bitsetting (setting book type) is all you want, then you don’t need QSuite. But QSuite is able to set book type permanently or temporarily. :wink: In a system where QSuite is unable to startup, you can use ImgBurn or Nero CD-DVD Speed to set book type (permanent and/or temporarily).

Thanks all.
I have ImgBurn. I checked CUSA but they didn’t have any Verbatim.
I checked OD online. They had either Verbatim or Imation, I forget which, albeit at their high prices. I’ll look up Rima and BB.

I picked-up
a 50-pk of Staples 16X DVD+R $13.64 (U.S.)
a 50-pk of Verbatim 16X DVD+R dor $11.86 (U.S.).

They’re both made in Taiwan.
The salesman at Staples said Staples discs were made by Imation.

Use Dvdinfo pro or DVD Identifier to find the media code for the Staples Dvd+r media. The Verbatim media id should be MCC004.

Parato, your Staples discs will probably be CMC M01 (might be MBI but probably CMC). My Staples CMC M01 has been decent, although CMC M01 has some consistency issues so you’ll just have to just try them out and see how they perform. Regarding ‘made by Imation’, Imation does not make media anymore than Staples does, they both just brand media, although Imation does happen to share some of the same media codes so that may have been what was meant.

I would burn both the Verbatim and Staples discs at 8-12x for best results. The Verbatim will be good for some of your more important burns, while the Staples discs should be fine for average, everyday burns.

You should be aware that CMC Mag M01 was the only mid type that I found which neither my 1650 nor my 1655 could properly burn.

Even with solidBurn turned on, the drives could not adapt to this media, and the drive eventually ended up burning it at 4X (and poorly).

I tried three different firmwares, and produced about 25 marginal burns before giving up.

The 1650 will burn all other media just fine, although it may take three or four burns for solidBurn to properly learn the media (if you have solidBurn enabled for known media). In particularly, the 16X Verbatims will burn great.

What brand were the M01?

This seems to effect all brands… :wink:

Credit to Francksoy that was the one first posting this problem with CMC MAG *** media.

Thanks, but that was not my question. Further, I don’t own a 1650 and rarely use SB. I just wanted to know what brand the discs were, nothing more. Also, I don’t see how the thread you linked necessarily relates. :confused:

Get a DW1650 while you can and you will know… :bigsmile:

Ok, I guess I’m still missing the connection here (please be more descriptive :stuck_out_tongue: ). WOPC doesn’t function properly with E01 in the 1650, I knew this. He is getting [I]4x[/I] burn speeds with [I]M01[/I] in his 1650 and 1655, I’m missing the connection. 8x burns were not an issue with E01 and I have not noticed an issue with WOPC or faster than 4x burning of M01 in my 1655 (I’ll check though). So are you saying that you’ve found the same improper WOPC support with M01 in the 1650 and 1655, and that they have forced the drives into 4x burns? It sounded like a simple issue of a bad batch of discs (not uncommon with M01), which is why I asked what brand they were.