A few questions regarding dvd burning

OK, i’ve been thinking of getting Liggy’s firmware and flashing my NEC ND-3520A dvd drive. But it says that it has the possibility of damaging the drive. Does anyone know the amount that have been damaged so far? I just want to know the chances of my drive getting damaged, cause if its too high, i won’t risk it.

I have two operating systems on my pc, win xp sp1 and win ME. DVD burning on xp is slow because my computer is a dinosaur (old). it takes about 40 minutes to burn a dvd on xp and about 8 minutes on ME. The problem with burning with ME is that Nero 6 says that buffer underrun protection is not supported, yet on XP BUP IS supported. Is there some sort of solution to this one? New program? Or am i doomed to take 40 minutes per burn until i get a faster computer?

Thanks in advance the time you take to respond.

The chance of damage is very slim but not impossible
Why do you still have windows me along with xp i would format and only put back xp…

i want to use win ME because it saves me about 30 minutes per burn. But thats only for burning dvd’s. When i get a better computer i wont have 2 OP’s.
Why is Buffer underrun protection not available on ME, yet it is on XP?

What size hardrives do you have and which operating system is on what hdd.
because in my opinion you are taking quicker with windows me because the hdd it is installed on has more free space

my primary drive is a 20 Gig HDD. It has both OS’s installed
Primary slave drive is 80 Gig HDD, although the 80 Gig is not installed on Win ME, only on Win XP.

it is to my belief that it takes less time in Win ME because ME takes a significantely less amount of system resources to operate, thus leaving more resources for the dvd burn.

Why dont you install xp on the 20 gig drive and use the 80gig for everything else
Forget about windows me unless you dont have a lot of memory or a low spec cpu then maybe you will have to forget xp…

would a disk defragmentation help with the buffer level? Cause that is the main problem i’m having with XP, buffer lvl dances.

heres my cpu:
1.3 Ghz P4 processor
256 Mb pc800 RD ram
primary 20 Gig Hdd
primary slave 80 Gig Hdd

yes it would help but does the backups work
I have a NEC and the buffer levels are never steady through a whole burn but the backups are exellent…

Ok you should be ok with xp as on my other computer i have the same
1.3 p4,
512 pc800 rd (rambus) although i had xp on it with 256 rd ram (expencive and hard to find now anyway)

Indeed the backups are of excellent quality. The weird thing im trying to figure out is why the buffer lvls flucuate on XP, but are steady on ME. However on ME, the buffer underrun protection is not available. Does the buffer underrun protection being disabled speed up the burning process? If this is true i would rather just take the 40 minutes than waste dvd+r’s.

Get rid of windows me and do a clean install of xp you will notice a big difference and as for the buffer levels if your backups are exellent then i dont see a problem…

I’d also suggest that if you are reinstalling Winxp, put it on your faster HD.

Technically your 80GB HD will be faster
unless the 80GB is 5400RPM & your 20GB is a 7200RPM.

Partition your HD’s so that you have approx 1050MB at the start of each (for swap files) and then all your windows/programs/storage partitions after the swap partitions.

Remember, you can have 1/2 a swap on each HD which will likely give you slightly better performance.