A few questions on drives and -r media



Ok this is the situation. I have been tryin to copy dvd movies using a sony dru-710A with various types or dvd-r from supermediastore. The problem is that the movies, most all of them, seem to skip at times or hangup all together. I started off using the cheap no name brand -r and thought that that was my problem so I got some taiyo yuden and some ridata -r media from the same place. Well im still getting the same results!!! What combo do I need to make this work? Do I need a new dvdr drive? Do I need to stick with +r media? Sorry if my question are stupid but im new to all this. Thanks for the help.


Use +R media with bitsetting enabled to DVD-ROM this will increase compatibility. Though if your movies are skipping it sounds like either the player doesnt support -R media well or that your writer isnt writing them correctly. Try a firmware update see if that helps as well also try other dvd players see if they play your discs.


the problem ended up being my sony dvd player. i ran over to walmart and got a philips and man that sucker will play anything. im even able to watch movies on the cheapest of -r discs. thanks for the help.