A few questions before i buy the NEC ND-3500A

ive been looking around at the kprobe scans and nero cd-dvd speed graphs look great on this drive!

this drive supports bitsetting of DL and SL from DVD+R to DVD-ROM … just to make sure im not mistaken. using modified firmwares of course

it also has the best Z-CLV burn quality out there as far as i can tell.
im going to mostly use DVD+R in Ritek,Ridata,Ricoh as they are cheap and work good.

is there a P-CAV drive with bitsetting that has good burns like the Nec Drives.

im tired of having to check the quality of my liteon 811s burns. can have the same media and mostly burns good but not all the time! :frowning:
i know that it is not a good idea to not check the quality of the burn just do not want to have to do it every single burn!