A few Questions about NEC-ND-2500a firmware

I have a Maddog dominator 6 in 1 8x DVD drive. Model Number MD-8XDVDRW-PM. Useing DVDINFO program I see its a NEC-ND-2500A. I currently have 1.6 firmwear on it. (stock).
I was wondering whats the best firmwear to use with it? I know the offical is 1.7 but the modded ones look intresting…

Whats the deal with Bitsetting? I see its for DVD+ disks , but I use mostly DVD- ones. Whats so good about haveing the ability to use it?


For all the modded firmware options it’s best to search and read read read and read some more. I’ve used Herries 107v2b5 and Quikee2 2.F8 Beta2 with no problems.
I mainly tried these out for the bitsetting, the reason being the non-recognition of DVD+R or R/W disks by my 3yr old Toshiba SD-210E DVD player that I use with my TV for playing slideshows of jpgs from my digital camera burnt with NeroVision Express or Proshow Gold. Bitset them to DVD-ROM and all’s well.

I’m using the Herries modded firmware for 2 reasons.

  1. It allowed me to burn my Ritek G05’s at their rated 8x instead of 4x as the drive was supplied.
  2. I fancy the idea of dual layer when the DL media is cheaper.

I’ve experienced NO problems with this & heartily recommend this firmware.

i went with the latest Herries modded firmwear. All looks ok. But how do I force bitsetting? (ala DVD-ROM booktype) There a different program to do this?