A few questions about CloneDVD

I just purchased AnyDVD and CloneDVD after using the trial for a month and loving it. I have a few questions about CloneDVD thought:

  1. There are 2 different quality bars. I have checked the help and it explains what the difference is between them, but could someone elaborate a bit more on it? For instance, if the first bar says 88% and the second bar I can get up to 100% does that mean that no transcoding is taking place? then what does the 88% mean?

  2. Is audio ever compress/transcoded? or is the video just? Or are they transcoded together?

  3. If I have a dual layer DVD that I can get the 2nd quality bar to read 100% with does any transcoding take place at all? Or will it do an exact vide/audio copy of what is selected? The reason I ask is because while it is ripping it appears to be transcoding with the graph that you see when you process. I know that the levels are equal but is the program actually sending it through the transcoder at 100% or is it mearly stripping the stuff I don’t want and ripping the stuff I do 1:1. Would it matter either way?

  4. I came across a DVD today that I was trying to back up. It’s called “Shaun of the Dead”. Now when I get to the title configuration I see title 1 and title 2 that are the same exact thing, they are both the feature, same length and same video. Selecting 1 or the other or both have no affect on the quality bar. Why are there 2, and do I need to select both or just one of them.

Thanks for your help!

@ jhabers

You do have some very good question, but if you do a search, believe me, you will find all your answers!.!.!.!.!

The second is more accurate, it shows the VIDEO quality after you made your audio selections. The first bar assumes all subtitle & ausio steams enabled.

Audio is not touched by CloneDVD.

Set output media to DVD+R-DL on the title selection page for Dual Layer. No transcoding will be done.

Two titles share the same video material. Select both if you like.

Thanks. I understand everything now from reading posts and Olli’s response