A few questions about backing up music from a newb

First off thanks in advance for taking the time to read this and I apologize if it is a bit long.

Basically I have an ever growing collection of music on my computer and I am looking for a way to back it up/store it. I had considered buying an external hard drive but if it all possible I am interested in using DVD-RWs to get the job done.

With that said here are my questions:

First, Can I even store it on DVDs and do I need some type of special software? Under device Manager>DVD/CD-ROM drives it says I have

(Little cd on top of drive icon)_Nex DVD+RW ND-1100a
(Little cd on top of drive icon) SAMSUNG DVD-ROM SD-616t

Would this suit my needs? I am not trying to play anything off these disc, just storing the music on them and shelfing them for future use.

Second, if I can even do this what is the process involved? Could I just drag and drop from My Music Folder or is some special software needed? Again I do not want to play the music from these DVDs but just store them and be able to put them into a copy and play/copy from the disc when need be.

Third, If the previous steps can be done will putting the music files on the disc and moving them between computers and what not damage the quality of the song?

Fourth, On average how many songs can be stored on a DVD in this manner?

And lastly, If all else checks out can anyone recommend me a particular brand of DVD to use that will suit my needs? So many out there it had me spinning in circles.

Thank you once more for taking the time to read my post and provide any help you can.

depending on how many songs you are wanting to backup and just exactly how you needs to access the songs may change. another hard drive may be the better way to go.

your burner should be able to burn dvds. its a few years old now but i dont think you have given it much use. so the burner is most likely still in good condition. you will need to get dvd+r media as your burner does not support dvd-r media.

here is what i would do:

[li]use imgburn in build mode[/li][li]get quality verbatim or taiyo yuden dvd+r media[/li][/ol]

as you can see from my screen shot below. ImgBurn has a calculator which will allow you to see just how much data you can get onto a dvd. the size of the mp3s will vary. but with the particular folders i have selected, i have 905 songs on one dvd.

edit// you can play mp3 dvd’s in some stand alone dvd players and some car stereos. also you could play them in any dvd-rom/burning drive.

If you don’t plan on playing the music off the dvds, you can store the files by burning as plain data dvds.

I suggest getting ImgBurn and using it to burn your disks. When you start up the program you will see a window with several options. Choose Write Files/Folders to a Disc. You can then put in as many of the files as will fit onto a dvdr. If you look at the little calculator on the right side, it will show how much room is being taken up on a single layer dvd…so you can determine how many files to put into the disk. ImgBurn is free to download and use: www.imgburn .com [though donations are welcome too :)]

This process should not degrade the quality of the music files.

If you are using re-recordable RW disks, I’d suggest getting Verbatim brand. And don’t burn at maximum speed. For regular blank dvds, Verbatim or 8x +R Taiyo Yuden are my favorites. TY can be found online at places like rima.com or supermediastore.com With a burner that old, the TY may be your best option.

Everyone is beating me to the punch today.

Thank you both for your quick reply, you have been amazing helpful. Next time I take a trip to town I will check out my options on DVDs and see what I can find. From what I gather as long as I have +R or +RW I will be fine right? I do not exactly understand the difference or if it even matters for my purposes but I do see the + in the driver name under device manager.

My last question is possibly my newbish one of all but honestly I am not 100% sure so I will ask anyway:p

Which drive is the one I put the dvd in to burn? I am pretty sure it is the bottom but im not 100%

In my computer one of them says

DVD Drive (D: )

and the other

DVD/CD-RW Drive (E: )

I think it is the E drive, but I am not sure as I have never burned a dvd only cds.

The NEC 1100a is your dvd burner. The Samsung is a dvd-rom drive and can only read dvds, not write to them.

ImgBurn will find the burner and tell you if you have a blank dvd in it or not, so not to worry.

If you are buying locally, look for Verbatim +R disks. You won’t find Taiyo Yuden locally if you are in the US. If at all possible get 8x +R disks to use in this old burner.
And the only +RW disks I would recommend would be the Verbatims.

As a general rule, stay away from Memorex, despite what any salesman might tell you. Sony would be a reasonable substitute for the Verbatims.

Thanks again!

Also what is the difference between the 8x,16x and what not?

Those are the “maximum” burning speeds of the disks according to the manufacturers or brands. Your burner is fairly old, and I think its maximum burning speed is 4x. The problem you may face is that it might not recognize the newer disks very well.

Each dvd burner has firmware in it that tells it how to recognize disks from various manufacturers and how to burn them. It uses a burning strategy that varies from one type of disk to another. The older media that your burner can recognize are mostly gone now…no longer sold. Your best bet for compatibility is to use a long standing 8x variety…like the 8x +R TY, or the 8x +R Verbatims.

If the burner can’t recognize the disks, it will use a generic strategy that may or may not work well. In any case you are better off using the very best available media, and at the moment that means Verbatim or TY.


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