A few questions about 832s firmware, reading, bitsetting

I have a sony dw-18u that i have flashed to a 832s using codeguys firmware cg3e. Is this the newest and best firmware for this drive??? Also i have been reading about making it read faster and changing the booktype to dvd-rom. I have had a couple of problems that my discs wont play in some dvd players. Would the dvd-rom booksetting help this??? I have downloaded omnipatcher 1.4.1 and i see where i can change the read speed and enable auto bitsetting. What bitsetting does this do then?? thanks,

CG5G is the newest, get it here: http://s2.youshareit.com/files/a807125fa010ac8f68a2d18baa0b68f2.html

i’ve applied all patches to it, so just download, unpack and flash.

could you tell me the what this firmware does compared to my old firmware?? thanks

also is this the same firmware as codeguys???

Bitset is used for DVD+R/RW/DL only. It will burn your +R as a DVD-ROM giving maximum compatibility with all players (Even drives that normally can’t read DVD+R).

CG5G uses newer quality-writing method. just test it.

Thanks, i will try it