A few questions about 812s@VY06

I’ve been getting great results on my otherwise crappy g04s with this firmware, but it seems to make the drive just not open every once in a while. It happens a lot after scanning in kprobe, about one in 5 times, and when reading a disc for a game install it happens pretty often. It just refuses to eject, and I have to restart. Very annoying, has anyone else had this problem?

Also, I was wondering if I could use the CGE3 for a sony dru700 on my 812s. If I can though, my major concern is keeping the dvd-r burn quality I have now. Will it work exactly the same for dvd-r and have improved +r, or is the -r quality changed also? Thanks for the advice.

the -r quality does not change in CG3E. the sony labeled CG3E has also liteon -r codes, so you probably won’t get as good -r burns as with sonys fw.

Yes, just to clarify this. The CG3E with the Sony ID is just the LiteOn VS0E firmware, with the CG patch and the ID changed to Sony. It is not VY06 firmware. So the results for -R with CG3E Sony ID will be the same as you would get with VS0E. :wink:

Darn, I get really nice -r burns with the VY06 but pretty terrible results with any liteon firmware. I’ll probably switch to dvd+rs completely soon anyway, so it’s not really an issue.

Interesting. I seem to hear a lot of stories of people saying that VY06’s -R seems to be better.

Yes, if it wasn’t for the green only led, I’d be tempted to write CG4x (with the -R quality patch) using the VY06 firmware.

LOL! After a while, I learned to get used to the green-only LED of the 3S. :wink: I have no idea why LiteOn still keeps the Sony and LiteOn 2S development lines separate instead of merging them. :a

That will be hot if it’s done! :wink:

cant you just copy -R writing code;p ofc not, but we can dream, right

One more scan: 812S@VY06, MCC01RG20 using TYG02 strat swap. Nice low PI/PIF, too many spikes though.
Readback is perfect.