A few question from a newbie

I’ve been reading the forums for about an hour now and I seem to just be getting more confused. So I thought I would ask a few question and hope someone out there will be knid enough to take the time to reply.

I’m very new to DVD burning, so new infact that I don’t even have a DVDRW yet, ordered one today and it will be with me tomorrow, a NEC 2510a. Also ordered some blank DVD’s Datawrite DVD-R 4x Speed 4.7gb Yellow Ritek 25 Disc In Tub Suitable for Video/Game Console &
Data backup. Are these ok for my writer?

Looking through the forums I see lots and lots of software getting mentioned, and lots of people all seem to a different one is best. Which software shoud I use to copy a DVD? and once the DVD is copied, will it still have the region coding on it? Or does it lose this is the process.

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Many thanks to anyone trying to help me and no doubt ill be on the boards a little more in the future.

So far I have got hold of

Clone DVD
DVD Decrypter
DVD shrink 3.17

I see these are mentioned the most on the boards. Are the versions I have the newest or the best? Which do I use in what order?

well first off downloading dvds will not be discussed. But to copy dvds I personally use anydvd. Any dvd runs in the background and takes care of region code and encrytion. Then I use dvd shrink . The newest or older ones would fine. I just grab the movie park but you can do the whole movie if you want. To just grab the movie part I use the reauthor mode and just double click the main movie and then i go to compression tab and take out all the subtites and other audios ( french, director comments , etc. ) . That is just me. I use nero to copy the dvd to disk or even copy3dvd. Both of those programs work .

I have used dvd decrypter before but fine the easy of use of dvd shrink alot better . But I do use dvd decypter when I backup ps2 games and some other games. I hope this helps.