A few problems with Liteon SOHW-832s

im on my second Liteon burner, ive used a Toshiba for a few years now and it never relaly gave me any problems, but i wanted to upgrade toa dual format and dual layer drive. The first one i had wouldnt back up any dvd’s for me at all, plus it burnt rings in alot of my dvds. Now i got a replacement and alot of times my dvds will skip when burned or not even readable. I just upgraded to VSOE and now when i use dvd copy in Nero I get burn failures half the time! Is it my media (im using Ritek form meritline.com) I heard that Liteon liked Ritek media. Ill try and post my NeroDVDSpeed info for you! TIA

The Liteon DVD writers used to like RITEKG04 but the media has gone down hill recently. The real rule is that Liteon drives like good quality DVD+R media with media codes of Ricoh, Prodisc, MCC etc. Get some good quality +R media and see how your drive performs.

Great! Ill try getting one of those brands next time! Any idea where a good place is to buy those brands online?

@ davis25 welcome in the usa my fav is newegg. Meritline, a sometimes cdfreaks sponsor is worth a look, as well as supermediastore.com

great! Ive used meritline alot lately and had no problems with them till this last batch or this new drive, not sure which! Ill check out the others. I order all my computer parts and access. off newegg, so I know they are very trustworthy!