A few problems/questions on Liteon 32x

Hi everyone, I have a few problems:

  1. often, i burn CDs that are perfectly readable by the burner, but it either reads very slow (takes like 4-6 times longer than my writer reading it) on my other CD-ROM (creative 52x), or it has CRC-errors (happened a couple times) when being read from my other CD-ROM.

  2. quite often again, immediately after burning a CD, my disc tray “locks up” - like i can’t manually eject it - with the just-burnt CD inside. i can read the just-burnt CD inside… but it won’t come out unless i go into nero and click eject medium. no other method of ejecting it works unless i reboot my computer.

can someone anyone explain these problems and offer any suggestions and advice? any help is greatly appreciated. thanks.

1: Make sure you are using 32X certified media when writing at 32X. And much so called 32X certified media is so bad/cheap that it should never be called 32X certified… Try to use other high quality media. Most CD-ROM’s is of very low quality and will in many cases have problems reading the discs. Normally writers and newer DVD-ROM’s is much better at reading CD-R discs than CD-ROM’s is.

2: Yes I have the same problem, but I’ve not figured it out yet. Are you running windows XP? Maybe it’s a Windows XP problem?

so are you saying the cause is mainly b/c of either cheap/bad cdr media or it’s just that my cd-rom is too sensitive (well it’s a creative 52x… not really new… but not really old either)?

but, even if the media is not true 32x (tho it does say it is 32x certified), i mainly use CDRWIN to burn at the “MAX” speed setting. i am not sure if this MAX setting is really burning it at literally 32x or the “max” safe smart-burn speed. can someone clarify me on this? but if im not using CDRWIN, im using nero with smart-burn on, so it’s not really burning at 32x anyway - it’s burning at whatever speed is safe. this problem happens when i use a good brand medium as well (maxell) (with MAX speed in cdrwin or smart-burn in Nero).

anyway tho, if these two are the cases behind this problem… shouldn’t all CDs i burn (using the same media) have this problem when i try to read it in my other cd-rom? but this only happens to some CDs i burn, not all. it just doesn’t sit well with me that i it is as bad as getting CRC errors when reading some of the CDs i burn, or it reads like 6 times as slow, on other CD-ROMS aside from the original burner.

so you don’t think it’s b/c the burner is burning “bad” CDs?

thanks a lot for the reply.

ps. ya i am running XP.

Can OC-freak or anyone else please help me out here?

It depends on both program and what you writes to the discs(is it datafiles, VCD, music…). It also depends on the reader, many readers is crap(Especially CD-ROM’s)

In Nero try writing at DAO mode instead of DAO/96, sometimes that will make a difference.

Byside that I don’t use CD-R win.

I mainly use these programs:

CD-Mate - great potential but still needs a lot of work.
Nero - Best and most robust program for all tasks except protected stuff.
CloneCD - For protected stuff.

ok i guess the main thing im trying to get at with all this is that there’s no defect or problem with the cdrw then right? like it’s not the fault of the CDRW - that it’s not burning bad CDs, unreadable by anything by itself? cuz if it’s the CDRW… i better go get it exchanged quickly for a new one before my warranty period is up.